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A mini duo to pop into your handbag to keep your make-up fresh and your lips luscious.  The SETTING SPRAY will add moisture to the skin and be used throughout the day.

Kiki’s Make-Up Ready Rose Dew Setting Spray is a gorgeous, light and silky, rose and geranium enriched product which is sprayed over your make-up in order to set and hold it for longer periods of time.  Kiki’s Make-Up Ready Rose Dew Setting Spray, not only locks down your make-up, but spraying on this extra fine mist also gives you a reviving boost.  Don’t let those dry days get you down.  The Rose Dew Setting Spray can also act as a secret weapon to provide instant moisture and hydration.  Just whip it out of your handbag, any time, any place, give yourself a quick spritz and immediately find a new, more radiant and moisturised you.  This product is free of synthetic fragrance and suitable for both dry and oily skin types.  It contains aromatic, natural rose geranium oil to uplift and stimulate the senses. Contains a blend of essential oils.

Kiki’s Make-Up Ready Rose Wax Lip Balm is a rich, buttery, rose infused lip balm to intensely hydrate those lovely lips and leave a radiant, dewy finish.  The unique Rose Wax Lip Balm can be used as a primer and is applied beneath lipstick to hydrate the lips and provide a soft, smooth surface to allow for easy lipstick application and maximum hold.  The specialised lip balm can also be used to perfect and finish.  In this step the lip balm is applied over lipstick or over bare lips to complete the Make-Up Ready look with a gleaming, glossy effect.  The Rose Wax Lip Balm forms a clear, glistening layer over the lips leaving them fully protected and soft and silky.

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