Pink Velvet - Supercharged Deep Hydration Cream & Mask With Liposomes - 50ml (R400)
A rich velvety blend of liposome bubbles and plant extracts which may reduce the signs of ageing. Can be used daily or as an overnight mask whenever you need a supercharged moisture boost.
Why we love it
This product looks, feels and smells unbelievable. Unlike any product that you have ever used. Unique liposomes contain hydrating plant extracts which melt into the skin to add radiance and hydration to the skin. This supercharged cream can be used twice daily as a moisturiser for those with dry skin. Those with normal/dry/combination/oily skin can use the Pink Velvet Cream as a quick fix mask or as an overnight moisture mask to give the skin a moisture and glow boost.
How to Apply
Massage bubble into the skin and feel the moisture pop. To use as a mask, apply a thick layer, massaging in the liposomes. Leave on for 15-20 minutes or overnight and remove with a damp cloth.
KiKi's beauty tip
When your skin is feeling dry and dull, replace your daily moisturiser with the pink velvet cream to give your skin a moisture boost.
What's inside
Pink Velvet is enriched with prebiotics to promote healthy bacteria and balance the skin's natural ecosystem. Aromatic flower extracts add radiance and hydration while liposome bubbles melt into the skin to rapidly moisturise and revive your complexion.
Important Ingredients
Gardenia Flower Extract - Protects skin and adds radiance and hydration.
Liposome Encapsulating Crambe Extract - Nourishes the skin and adds moisture.
Liposphere Mother of Pearl - Creates a shimmer effect and leaves skin more naturally radiant.
Nasturtium Flower Extract - Revives complexion and improves barrier function of the skin.
Prebiotic - To help improve the natural ecosystem of the skin.
Soybean Extract - Soothes skin and provides long-lasting moisture and protection.
R 200.00
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