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What is a primer?

Primers are cosmetic products that are specially formulated to improve make-up hold and transform your complexion from flat to fabulous. They are applied to the skin before foundation to create a smooth, blank canvas for ideal make-up application and a long lasting make-up finish. For those who don’t wear foundation, the primer can be used instead to create a knockout natural, smooth and silky look. These state-of-the-art, all-in-one, performance-enhancing products can boost the pigments of your eyeshadow and foundation, control shine, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevent make-up meltdown.

The history of primers

While many people still choose to skip the priming step, professional make-up artists swear by it and refuse to apply make-up unless a primer has been applied to the skin first. The primer creates a layer for the foundation and eyeshadow to bond to, in order to ensure that the make-up lasts throughout the day or night. Although primers are thought to be a new addition to the cosmetic family, especially in South Africa, they have in fact been around since the middle of the 1990’s. Laura Mercier caused a cosmetic revolution when she developed the first primer in 1995. In recent days primers have exploded onto the overseas market as more and more people are choosing to use them in their everyday skincare and make-up regimes.

KiKi hopes to spread this revolution in South Africa by providing you with our original and exclusive Make-Up Ready Face Primer.

Why KiKi’s primer?

KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Face Primer is designed, formulated, manufactured and packaged in South Africa, exclusively for South Africans. KiKi’s Face Primer takes the harsh South African climate into consideration to help your make-up stay on no matter the weather conditions. No more constant visits to the bathroom to freshly apply make-up.The primer works in conjunction with the other Make-Up Ready products to ensure that you stay gorgeous and flawless for hours on end. Click here to see KiKi’s 5 Step Make-Up Ready Guide. KiKi’s Face Primer is formulated to provide soft focus properties to the face which means that blemishes and fine lines are minimised for a brighter, youthful look.

This specialised product is easily spreadable and therefore glides effortlessly over the face when applied before foundation or instead of it. KiKi’s Face Primer can be dabbed on throughout the day, or even after exercise to soften, smooth and provide extra moisture to the skin.It contains natural oat kernel extract which has anti-ageing and firming abilities and assists in keeping make-up fresh for the entire day. Sodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, binds to water and so prevents moisture loss from the skin. This fragrance-free primer is suitable for both dry and oily skin types, as it helps control the oiliness of the skin while hydrating and replenishing.

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